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What do we know about the Trump shooter? How camouflaged gunman Thomas Matthew Crooks, 20, who opened fire on the ex-President from a nearby roof was a registered Republican who donated to Biden

Thomas Matthew Crooks, from Bethel Park, Pennsylvania , was identified as the shooter by the FBI following the shock incident that took place during a rally in Butler.

AT&T says 'nearly all' of its customers' call and text data has been leaked in massive security breach

AT&T said Friday that data from about 109 million customer accounts containing records of calls and texts from 2022 was illegally downloaded in April.

Kanye West fans deliver brutal response after the rapper suggests he's ready to 'retire from professional music' because he 'doesn't know what else to do'

West is expected to release Vultures 2, the second of three planned albums with Ty Dolla Sign, later this year.

Jeremy Clarkson is blasted by fellow publicans as 'insulting' for thinking he 'can just rock up' and run a successful boozer after he bought £1m Cotswolds venue as industry faces closures crisis

Clarkson's hope to set up a cosy rural boozer in the Cotswold have been met with scorn by 'insulted' industry experts, who say it simply isn't as easy as relying on his fame to pull in punters.

DR ELLIE CANNON: Are blood pressure pills or the heatwave swelling my ankles?

I'm a 70-year-old woman, and last year when the weather was hot my ankles and feet swelled up. Since then the swelling has not gone down. Can you offer any advice? DR ELLIE CANNON replies.

Emma Raducanu's next opponent is a trilingual qualifier from a small town in New Zealand with 'more SHEEP than people'... on her Wimbledon debut, Lulu Sun is ready to shine bright after years under the radar

NATHAN SALT AT WIMBLEDON: Lulu Sun is on the ride of her life, shining on what is her main draw debut at Wimbledon, and it is Emma Raducanu on Centre Court up next.

Jodie Turner-Smith looks beautiful in a silk headscarf and baggy cropped blue jeans as she leaves a late-night dinner during Paris Fashion Week

Jodie Turner-Smith looked beautiful in a silk headscarf and a baggy pair of cropped blue jeans as she left a late-night dinner in Paris on Monday night.

Tuesday evening news briefing: Starmer suggests savers aren’t ‘working people’

Also from the Front Page newsletter: Sunak fighting ‘wrong campaign’ by targeting Reform, says Osborne. Sign up below.

Married At First Sight fan favourite Lucinda Light teases reality TV comeback as she shows no signs of slowing down amid new-found fame

Lucinda Light expressed her reality television days are not behind her on Thursday as she revealed which series she has set her sights on next.


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