Judge's message to jury in former Jetstar pilot missing campers murder trial - after fresh question

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The jury in the Greg Lynn murder trial has been reminded of a series of prosecution mistakes after returning to court to ask the judge a question. 

The former Jetstar pilot has pleaded not guilty in the Supreme Court of Victoria to the murders of secret lovers Russell Hill,74,and Carol Clay,73,in the Wonnangatta Valley,in Victoria's Alpine region,on March 20,2020.

On Wednesday,Justice Michael Croucher told the jury they were able to watch recordings of both Lynn and ballistics expert Senior Constable Paul Griffiths giving their evidence in court. 

Police believe the side mirror of Russell Hill's car was shot off (pictured) 

Senior Constable Griffiths said he was directed back into the bush in March 2022 in the hope of finding evidence that may have been missed earlier. 

'The purpose was to search for other items and,from memory,find cartridge cases ... and other bone fragments,' he told the jury. 

His evidence was savaged by Lynn's barrister Dermott Dann,KC. 

Under cross examination, Senior Constable Griffiths came under fire for failing to check Lynn's story before performing trajectory tests. 

The jury heard the detective had not used Lynn's shotgun to perform the tests,despite previously telling a preliminary hearing he had. 

'This is just a botched exercise isn’t it,' Mr Dann said.

'It’s completely accurate,' came the response. 

Lynn himself spent much of a day in the witness box giving his version of events. 

While Lynn has always denied murdering the couple,the jury heard he freely admitted to cleaning up the alleged crime scene and destroying the evidence.

'It was despicable,' Lynn conceded.

'All I can say to the families is that I am very sorry for all of your suffering that I've caused ... yes I should be punished for it. For what I did.'

The jury heard Lynn had offered to plead guilty to the destruction of evidence before going on trial,but it had been rejected by the prosecution.

'I am innocent of murder,' he said. 'I am innocent (of manslaughter too). I haven't killed anyone.'

Dressed neatly in a suit and dark-rimmed spectacles,the former pilot spoke in a cool and calm manner as he took the jury through the bloody details of what police allege was cold blooded murder.

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